Hey you, I’m Jodie

Your new brand bestie and bad ass business sidekick. 

Fuelled by tea with an entrepreneurial fire in my belly I’m here to help you identify your values and vision, find your brand aesthetic and equip you with all the design assets and know how I have to help boost your confidence and get you seen and heard.

I’ve been creating since I could hold a pencil and now have 15 years professional experience to share. If you’re looking to start a new business venture and want to get going with a bang or level up an existing brand you’re in the right place 😉

When I’m not designing I’ll be hanging out with my kids in our hometown of Southsea, Portsmouth. 

I think I always knew I’d end up here

I don’t proclaim to be the best Brand Designer in the world, but there’s a reason people come back to me time and time again. I’m driven by purpose and love the feeling of helping people fulfil their potential and realise their dreams! I’m easy going, love a bit of banter and will always do my best for my clients. I’m not a short term fling kinda girl so I like to stay on the end of an email to answer any questions, offer moral support or maybe just send you a virtual hug. It’s no fun doing everything alone so by the power invested in me I’ve got you, now, in the future and for however long our business relationship lasts, amen.

My work is heavily influenced by my own style and passions. I‘m a Libra who loves beauty and balance. I have immense attention to detail especially when it comes to the emotion and feeling brand elements can create. I also like the freedom of playful design that doesn’t play by the rules. I’ve designed all sorts for all people, clean, bold, edgy, modern, playful and luxurious. Above all I want to create kind, purposeful and positive brands whenever I can and would love likeminded people to work with.