Conscience Crystals

Conscience Crystals was founded by Gemma Petherbridge as a space for modern soul seekers to explore their spiritual development using crystals. A self confessed spirit junkie Gemma has become an expert within the crystal community and shares her scientific and spiritual knowledge through her Instagram and crystal courses.

Brand vibe

Calm, educational, high vibe, conscious, crystal lifestyle.


Brand Identity, Social Media Design, Product Design, Print Design, Packaging Design, Website Design, Photography Direction.

Working with Jodie is a joy. She is easily one of the best designers I have come across, but on top of that, she works alongside the businesses she supports creating graphics they can be proud of.

I have worked with Jodie for over 6 years now. In the beginning, she created our product packaging. Then later we asked her to do a full rebrand and create a whole new brand. We were so happy with the work she did that she now looks after all our graphic needs, including website design and edits, social media graphics (for all platforms), newsletter designs and print design.


Gemma | Conscience Crystals