Gem&i Jewellery

Sarah and I worked together to create a new jewellery brand identity that evokes emotional connections. She wanted her customers to use the jewellery to tell their stories… and so the tagline ‘storied jewellery’ was born. 

Brand vibe

Feminine, connection, friendship, empowerment


Brand Identity, logo, icons and submarks, print design.



The vision for Gem&i was to connect memories in the mind, heart and soul through sustainable and environmentally conscious jewellery. Sarah was inspired by her own travels and saw social media as a platform for her to connect with her ideal customer fostering organic growth and supportive relationships.

Sarah wanted exclusive jewellery without the price tag. Good quality precious metals and crystals are the materials of choice and themes of empowerment, zodiac and celestial icons are prominent in the collection. She was particularly drawn towards neutrals and corals. I warmed the colour palette up with a mustard yellow to give a Californian golden hour vibe.

A friend of mine recommended Rad Creative when I was looking for someone to create a logo for me. I reached out to Jodie when my brand was only an idea. She not only created a beautiful logo but a full branding package with a colour palette, sub logos for advertising, packaging, unique fonts, thank you cards and aftercare cards and more.

From her in-depth initial questionnaire we looked at who my ideal client was and my brand values. She brought my vision to life and from that moment I believed that my idea could turn into an actual business and it did! She is very talented and professional.


Gem&i Jewellery