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EMZO Marketing are a female duo providing photography marketing services for estate agents, businesses and individuals across Hampshire and Sussex. Their distinctive style and imagery meant this was a project where the clients work really does speak for itself!

This was a ‘Designers Assemble’ project and came to me via the super talented Eldo Web Design.

The criteria for this project was to look different to their competitors but have a standout style and professional appeal for the range of clients they deal with. For the logo I kept a simple cropping icon to give the idea of framing the logo, (much like the client does when photographing!) The letters needed to remain equal and balanced to give equality to the partnership and the lowercase serif font worked perfectly for this.

Light and fresh colours blend with handwritten font details and patterned backgrounds. This all help create a feel for the brand that says exciting, bespoke, exclusive and thoughtful. The site design focusses on full width imagery with the photography at the heart. Personalised linear icons quickly communicate the many services offered and provide an interactive element.

Eldo Web Design’s final development of the site takes it from looking good to feeling good and the final result is a bit of cross platform wonder 🙂


Services Provided

  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Colour palette
  • Website design